Oromia is the largest region of Ethiopia. The people speak the Oromo language, and have their own special culture.

The Oromo people have their own ways of judging quarrels, and you will find out some of them when you read these stories.

 The StoriesOriginally told by
1 Fine Red Feathers   Worku Debelo
2 The Dog Fight  Mohammed Kuyu
3 The Cats and the Mice   Merga Debelo
4 The Best Home  Mohammed Kuyu
5 The Leopard and the Squirrel  Abdulkadir Guracha
6 The Little Sister   Tesfaye Chibsa
7 The Rat King's Son   Merga Debelo
8 The Mother-in-law   Abiyot Legesse
9 The Grateful Animals   Mariam Mohammed
10 The Jackal and the Rabbit   Mohammed Kuyu
11 The Baboon Chief   Bonsamo Miesso
12 The Wicked Stepmother   Merga Debelo


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With thanks to the Oromia Education Bureau and the translators, Merga Debelo, Beker Hadji and Michael Ambatchew

© Stories retold by Elizabeth Laird
© Exercises written by Elizabeth Laird and Ann Rossiter
© Illustrations by Yosef Kebede and Eric Robson