Harar is an old walled city in the east of Ethiopia. It lies on an ancient trade route, which carried salt from the Danakil Desert up into the highlands.

Merchants and travellers brought stories from Arabia and beyond to Harar - tales of magic, princes, sorceresses and jinns.   

 The StoriesOriginally told by
1 The Holy Man and the Guava  Abdul Rahman Abdulahi
2 The Good Prince  Abdul Rahman Abdulahi
3 Irit and Nurit  Zaineba Abibeker Deremo 


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With thanks to the Harar Education and Culture Bureau, and the translators Nejaha Alkerim, Riyad Ghazal and Mikhail Negussie

© These versions of the stories retold by Elizabeth Laird
© Exercises written by Elizabeth Laird
© Illustrations by Eric Robson