Gambela is a hot region in eastern Ethiopia, very different from the cool highlands. Many of the different groups who live there look after cattle. Before the modern world came to the Gambela region, the forests were full of wild animals, and people used to hunt them. They still fish in the great rivers. Life is changing fast in Gambela now, but the stories still remain.

 The StoriesOriginally told by
Anuak Stories
1 The First Gift  Akwai Gora
2 The Father's Plan  Obang Okoti
3 Obang and his Dog  Okok Ojulo
4 The Man from the River  Akwai Gora
5 Achok Goes Fishing  Cham Akwer
6 The Magic Cow  Ajulo Okony
A Komo Story
7 The Song from the Tree  Sambo Likasa Kaya
A Majangir Story
8 How the Dog Lost her Voice Tito Bangey
Nuer Stories
9 Gany-Nyang and the Hyena  Pastor James Duoth Dol
10 Why the Hyena Never Runs Straight  Pastor James Duoth Dol
11 The Elephant and the Cock Niall Gatch
12 Sunrise and Sunset   Gatwech Pal Menchek
13 Ngap and Nyakwiy  Rhamsey Shwoll
An Opo Story
14 The Landlord and the Ostrich  Duwal Pul


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Translations by Michael Ambatchew and Ogota Agiw.

With grateful acknowledgements to Ogota Agiw of the Gambela Regional Cultural Bureau. 

© These versions of the stories retold by Elizabeth Laird
© Exercises written by Elizabeth Laird and Ann Rossiter
© Illustrations by Yosef Kebede and Eric Robson