Tigray is in the northern highlands of Ethiopia, and the climate is cool and pleasant. In the old days, most Tigrayans lived on their farms, grew crops and kept cows and sheep. There are many ancient and beautiful churches and monasteries in Tigray, carved out of rock, and decorated with colourful paintings.

 The Stories
1 The Bird and the Elephant
2 The Farmer and the Leopard
3 Weyna and Gella
4 Zeyta Hasebe
5 The Clever Woman
6 The Crane, the Fox and the Vulture
7 The Monkey’s Birthday
8 The Monks' Blessing


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With grateful acknowledgement to Mesele Zeleke and Tsehaynesh Gebre Yohannes of the Tigray Cultural Bureau who collected these stories from schoolchildren in Tigray, and translated them into English. 

© Stories retold by Elizabeth Laird
© Exercises written by Elizabeth Laird and Jacek Opienski
© Illustrations by Yosef Kebede and Eric Robson