Exercises for The First Gift

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A. How much did you understand?


Who said these sentences?

  1. "Look for the morning star."
  2. "Come to me early in the morning."
  3. "Don't wait for the cock to crow. Go to God early."
  4. "Who are you?"
  5. "Is there a gift for me?"
  6. "Are you happy now?"
  7. "Give me all the spears."
  8. "The foster child of the dog."
  9. "You're late!"


B. Which, who, what, when?


Answer these questions.

  1. Which animal did God love the best?
  2. What did God tell the animals to look for?
  3. Who ran to the man?
  4. The next morning, when did the man wake up?
  5. What did the man put on his back?
  6. What did God give the man?
  7. Who came to God a little later?
  8. What did God give the buffalo?
  9. What did God give to the lion and the leopard?
  10. Who became the master of all the animals?


C. What do you think?


A long time ago, there were very few people in the world, and many fierce animals. How do you think that people survived?

Human beings became masters of all the animals, as it says in the story. Do you think that human beings have used their power well?

Is it important to treat animals well?


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