Exercises for The Grateful Animals

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A. How much did you understand?


Which man or animal made each promise?

How did they keep their promises?

  1. "I want the bones and one day, I’ll reward you too."
  2. "If you give me its blood, I’ll repay you one day."
  3. "But give me some grass from your roof. You’ll never regret it." 
  4. "And I want the small pieces of meat under the skin. Give them to me and I’ll reward you."
  5. "Give me the fat and I promise you, you won’t be sorry."
  6. "Let me have the milk. I’ll give you something wonderful one day."


B. Where? When? Who?


  1. Where were the man, the lion, the donkey, the puff-adder, the eagle and the dog going? 
  2. Who came out of the hut?
  3. Where did the man and his wife find the elephant tusk? 
  4. Who wanted to steal the elephant tusk? 
  5. When did the man's wicked brother go out to kill him?
  6. When did the man come back to repay the man and his wife?


C. What do you think?


Were the man and his wife right to kill their cow to feed the travellers?

 Did the animals repay the man and his wife well?

 What do you think of the man who never came back?


D. Now you retell the story.


Work with your friends. Choose the animals you want to be, and act the story like a play.


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