Exercises for The Leopard and the Squirrel

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A. How much did you understand?


Three of these sentences about the story are false. Which are they?

  1. The leopard and the squirrel both looked after the same herd of goats.
  2. The leopard and the squirrel looked after the goats on different days.
  3. The leopard was cleverer than the squirrel at looking after the goats.
  4. The squirrel’s mother helped her to find food for the goats.
  5. The leopard believed the squirrel’s story about the branding iron.
  6. The squirrel called her mother to come down from the tree and the leopard killed her. 
  7. The squirrel had red eyes because she had put medicine in them. 
  8. "You won't like the medicine," the squirrel said to the leopard.
  9. The squirrel blinded the leopard by putting hot stones on his eyes.
  10. "My mother will bring back your eyes," the squirrel said to the leopard. 


B. Answers with "because"


Choose the right ending to these sentences from the list below.

  1. The goats ate well when they went out with the squirrel because……
  2. The leopard was angry with the squirrel because……
  3. The leopard killed the squirrel's mother because……
  4. The squirrel began to cry because……
  5. The leopard wanted the medicine because……
  6. The squirrel put hot stones in the leopard's eyes because……


  1. ……he wanted to become big and strong.
  2. ……he wanted to punish the squirrel.
  3. ……her mother threw leaves down from the trees.
  4. ……the squirrel was not telling the truth.
  5. ……she wanted to punish the leopard.
  6. …….her mother was dead.


C. What do you think?


What is the moral of this story? What does it teach us? 

Can you think of another title to this story?


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