Exercises for The Good Wife Part One

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A. How much did you understand?


What did the king say to his son? Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. "And you will only be happy if you marry a good and clever woman."
  2. "So I want you to travel around my kingdom."
  3. "You will be king after I have died."
  4. "But you will only be wise if you are happy."


Delibis met Hariri.  Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. "Have you seen my camel?" he said.
  2. "I've found the girl I'm looking for at last," the prince said to himself.
  3. She took out some bread and gave it to Delibis.
  4. "You haven't seen this camel, but you have described it perfectly."


Delibis met Nakrusa, Hariri’s father, and they walked to the village together.  Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. "Free?" said Nakrusa. "What do you mean, free?"
  2. "Let's walk together," Delibis said to the old man.
  3. "And will his name be buried with him?" asked Delibis.
  4. "They belong to my cousin," said Nakrusa.


B.  Choose the right answer


When Delibis met Hariri, she was:

  1. looking for a camel
  2. eating bread
  3. looking after her father's sheep


Hariri knew that a half-blind camel had passed that way because:

  1. its dung was in a pile
  2. it had eaten leaves from one side of a bush
  3. it had a wound in its side.


What did Hariri's father and Delibis see on the road?

  1. a rich man with a hundred cows
  2. a herd of cattle with ten cows and a bull 
  3. a field of wheat that was not ready for the harvest


C. What do you think?


Which do you think is the best title for this part?

  1. The Poor Woman
  2. The Stupid Young Man
  3. Looking for a Good Wife
  4. Going on a Journey


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