Exercises for The Donkey and the Hyena

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A. How much did you understand?


Which of these sentences are right and which are wrong?

  1. The donkey had a beautiful voice and the hyena wanted to meet her.
  2. When the donkey saw the hyena, she was afraid of her long teeth.
  3. The hyena was afraid of the donkey's long ears.
  4. "I want to be your friend," said the donkey.
  5. The hyena didn't drink the water because the donkey was making it dirty.
  6. The donkey tried to start a fight with the hyena.
  7. The donkey understood that the hyena wanted to eat her.


B. Find the right word


Find the right words from the list below to finish these sentences.

  1. A long time ago, the hyena lived in the ……
  2. The donkey heard the hyena's beautiful …… and wanted to be her friend. 
  3. God heard the donkey’s …… and sent the hyena to earth.
  4. The donkey wanted to be the hyena's ……
  5. The hyena bit off the donkey's ……
  6. The donkey ran away into the …….
  7. The donkey was thirsty and went to drink in the ……
  8. "You're making the water dirty with your ……," said the hyena.
  9. "I know you want to eat me," said the donkey. "Don't try to make ……"
  10. "I was your enemy but you showed me your ……," said the hyena.


friend, forest, voice, river, sky, prayer, excuses, feet, weakness, ears


C. Who wanted what?


The donkey and the hyena wanted different things.

Choose the right ending to these sentences from the list below.

  1. The donkey heard the hyena's singing and she……
  2. The donkey saw the hyena and she ……
  3. The hyena saw the donkey and she ……
  4. The donkey and the hyena decided to play a game, and the hyena ……
  5. The donkey ran into the forest and she ……


  1. ……wanted to be her friend.
  2. ……wanted to meet the animal with the beautiful voice.
  3. ……wanted to play football.
  4. ……didn't want to come out.
  5. ……wanted to eat her.


D. What do you think?


Which of these sentences best describes the moral of the story?


Don't go near hyenas. They are dangerous animals.

Don't trust people too easily.

Never make new friends.


Can you think of a better title for the story?


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