Exercises for Ahmed and the Clever Woman

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A. How much did you understand?


In the first part of the story, Ahmed falls in love with a beautiful woman, and he asks her to meet him.

Are these sentences about the story true or false?

  1. Ahmed was a holy man.
  2. The beautiful woman was in love with Ahmed.
  3. The woman told her husband about Ahmed.
  4. The woman and her husband made a plan.
  5. The woman asked Ahmed to come to her house after his evening prayers.


In the second part of the story, Ahmed goes to the woman's house.

Are these sentences about the story true or false?

  1. Ahmed was happy because he thought that the woman loved him.
  2. When Ahmed went into the house, the woman's husband locked the door.
  3. The woman was frightened when her husband knocked on the door.
  4. Ahmed put on a woman's dress and pulled a scarf over his face.
  5. A girl had come to help the woman, and she pounded all the maize.


In the third part of the story, Ahmed goes home to his wife.

Are these sentences about the story true or false?

  1. Ahmed's wife was angry with Ahmed because he was wearing a woman's dress.
  2. While Ahmed and his friends were talking, the Evil One came and beat them.
  3. The next day, the woman invited Ahmed to come back to her house.
  4. Ahmed became the enemy of the husband and wife.


B. Who, what, where?


Answer these questions

  1. Where did Ahmed work?
  2. Who did the woman send to the well to fetch the water for her?
  3. What was the woman wearing when she opened the door of her house to Ahmed?
  4. Where was the woman's husband hiding?
  5. When the woman's husband came into the house, what was he carrying?
  6. What did the woman's husband give Ahmed when he had finished pounding the maize?
  7. Who was waiting for Ahmed when he went home?


C. Make a play


This story can make a funny play. You can act the part of Ahmed, the beautiful woman and her husband. You will certainly make your friends laugh!


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