Exercises for Fine Red Feathers

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A. How much did you understand?


These sentences retell the story. Which are true and which are false?

  1. A rich man had two sons, and he loved the older one best.
  2. When the old man died, the younger son became rich.
  3. The medicine man told the older brother to kill and eat a cow.
  4. The rich man's wife bought a rooster with red feathers.
  5. When the rich man ate the rooster, he became better.
  6. The rich man thanked his brother for the rooster.
  7. The rich man grew feathers on his face and arms and legs.
  8. The medicine man told the rich man to go to the elders.
  9. The elders made the rich man spit on the keleche.
  10. The poor man forgave his brother, and the curse went.


B. Describe the people in the story


Choose the best endings for these sentences.

  1. The rich brother……
  2. The poor brother……
  3. The rich brother's wife…..
  4. The elders……


  1. …… gave good advice.
  2. …… was kind and generous.
  3. …… was selfish and ungrateful.
  4. …… was frightened of the feathers.


C. Actions and Results


In the story, many ACTIONS have a RESULT. 


Choose the ending which shows the RESULT of each action from the box below.  

  1. A man loved his elder son more than his younger son, so…
  2. The rich brother became sick, so…
  3. The rich man's wife said to the poor man, "Your brother is sick and needs to eat your rooster," so …
  4. The rich man didn't thank his poor brother, so …
  5. The elders said to the older brother, "If your brother forgives you, and spits on the keleche, your feathers will fall off," so … 
  6. The rich brother agreed that he had been unfair, so …


  1. … the younger brother spat on the keleche, and the curse was removed.
  2. … he went to the medicine man.
  3. … he gave his brother a stable of cows.
  4. … the poor man gave his rooster to his brother.
  5. … he gave his elder son many cows, but he gave his younger son only one red rooster.
  6. … red feathers began to grow on him. 


Did you notice that we use the word SO to show the RESULT of an ACTION? 


D. What do you think?


Was the old man a good father to his two sons?

The rich man was selfish. Was his wife selfish too?

Did the elders give good advice to the rich brother?

Did you like the ending of the story?


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