Exercises for Ngap and Nyakwiy Part 1

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A. How much did you understand?


Read these sentences from Part One of the story. Who is speaking?

  1. "Bring me a mango. I'm thirsty! Get me something to drink."
  2. "Come here, my darling, and sit beside me."
  3. "Where's our dinner? Haven't you cooked it?"
  4. "Come to the river this afternoon."
  5. "Come back here. Sweep the floor. Bring wood for the fire."
  6. "But my father said…"
  7. "Why didn't you come to the river and help me?"
  8. "Don't cut the fish on the ground."
  9. "Lie down, you stupid girl."
  10. "She doesn't feel the knife. She doesn't feel the blood."


B. Describe the girls' characters


From the list below, choose which words show Ngap's character, and which words show Nyakwiy's character.

  • lazy
  • hard-working
  • selfish
  • quiet
  • loud
  • beautiful
  • unselfish


C. What do you think?


Is it easier to love people who are beautiful?

Is it easy for beautiful people to become selfish?


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