Exercises for Obang and his Dog

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A. How much did you understand?


In the first part of this story, Obang and his dog meet a lion in the forest. 

Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. Now Obang was between the angry lion and the dog.
  2. The lion saw the dog and opened its big mouth.
  3. "Where is that dog? I'm going to kill it!"
  4. One day, Obang and his dog went hunting.
  5. He jumped into the water and swam to the other side.
  6. But suddenly the dog stopped. There was a lion in front of it.


In the second part of the story, Obang and his dog meet a python in the forest. 

Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. The dog heard him. It ran back to its master, and saw the python.
  2. Quickly, Obang took out his knife and killed it.
  3. A big python was lying under a tree.
  4. "A man must always be kind to his dog."
  5. The dog pulled harder and harder.
  6. It climbed up Obang's legs, then it began to climb up his body.


B. Prepositions


Prepositions are words that can show where things are. For example: behind, between, in front of, up, down, etc.

Fill the gaps in these sentences with prepositions from the list below.  You will need to use one preposition twice.

  1. The dog ran fast …… the forest.
  2. There was lion …... of it.
  3. Obang went on and found the lion. The dog was …… him.
  4. The lion was very angry and ran …… it.
  5. Now Obang was …… the angry lion and the dog.
  6. He jumped …… the water.
  7. At once the python caught him. It climbed …… Obang's legs.
  8. At last the python slipped …… Obang.
  9. Then Obang saw the python again. It was coming ……!


back, up, between, in front of, into, behind, after, off


C. What do you think?


Was Obang wrong to think about killing his dog?

Do you think that animals have rights?

How should people treat animals?

Is it wrong to make animals suffer?


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