Exercises for The Song from the Tree

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A. How much did you understand?


In the first part of this story, the woman falls in love with Shigosh, the man with the limp. Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. But the woman loved Shigosh. She wanted to marry him.
  2. The woman was very sad. She didn't like living alone.
  3. The woman heard his song, and she smiled.


In the second part of the story, the woman's three daughters kill Shigosh. Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. They took some bark from a tree and put it in water.
  2. They hid his body under the leaves of the big tree.
  3. "Come on, sisters. We must make a plan."


In the third part of the story, the woman tries to punish her daughters. Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. Then the woman heard the noise of flies.
  2. But the tree fell on top of the youngest daughter and broke the bone in her thigh.
  3. The woman looked up again. She could see her youngest daughter's face through the leaves.


B. What were they feeling?


These sentences retell the story. Fill in the gaps from the list of words below to show what the characters were feeling. You will need to use some words more than once.

  1. When the woman's husband died, she was ……
  2. The woman's daughters laughed at Shigosh. They were …… and ……
  3. Their mother was …… of them.
  4. The girls' mother was …… with Shigosh in their hiding place under the tree.
  5. The girls' mother was …… when her daughters called to her.
  6. The girl's mother was …… and …… with her …… daughters.
  7. When the youngest girl did not come down from the tree, her mother was ……
  8. Everyone said that the girls were ……


wicked, very angry, cruel, happy, worried, very, very angry, rude, very sad, afraid, angry


C. What do you think?


Disabled people can suffer because others see only their disability. But a disability is only one part of a person's life.

Do you know anyone with a disability? 

How can you help them to make friends and have a normal life?


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