Exercises for Adiberga and her Brothers Part 1

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A. How much did you understand?


In the story Adiberga’s mother wanted her oldest son to find a wife and marry.

Put sentences 1, 2 and 3 in the right order.

  1. "Mother," he said. "I will never marry another woman. I want my sister, and I will have her."
  2. One day, Adiberga's mother said to her oldest son, "You are a man now. You must find a wife, and marry her."
  3. "My sister, Adiberga, is the most beautiful girl in the world. Where can I find a girl like her?"


The mother agreed to help her oldest son marry Adiberga. That evening, Adiberga fetched water from the river. When she came home she wanted to go inside. But her family stopped her.

Put sentences 4, 5 and 6 in the right order.

  1. Her fourth brother put down his leg. "Yes, dear sister, you can come in," he said.
  2. "I am not your mother," her mother answered. "I’m your mother-in-law." And she put down her leg.
  3. "I’m not your brother," her second brother said. "I am your brother-in-law." And he put down his leg.


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