Exercises for The Story of Jahiti

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A. How much did you understand?


In this story, Jahiti had a stepsister. Her mother sent her own daughter to market to find a husband, and Jahiti went too.

Put sentences 1, 2 and 3 in the right order.

  1. "That stupid Jahiti!" she thought. "I don't want to find a husband for her."
  2. "Jahiti, you must go with your sister," he said. "You must find a husband, too."
  3. "My darling, you are a big girl now. Soon we must find a husband for you."


The two sisters went together to the market.

Put sentences 4, 5 and 6 in the right order.

  1. The young man wanted to talk to Jahiti, but her sister was angry.
  2. Jahiti was sad. "No one will talk to me," she thought. "My dress is old and dirty."
  3. There was a handsome young man at the market, too. He was with his friends. He saw Jahiti, and he fell in love with her.


A week later, Jahiti's stepmother sent the two sisters to the market again.

Put sentences 7, 8 and 9 in the right order.

  1. They sang, "Here comes the girl that we like best, not the ugly girl, in the dirty dress!"
  2. Now Jahiti was wearing her sister's beautiful white dress, and she wore her sister's gold necklace round her neck.
  3. "I want to come to your house and make you my bride."


Jahiti's stepmother made a plan with her daughter.

Put sentences 10, 11 and 12 in the right order.

  1. She picked up her pot and hurried to the river. But her feet slipped on the laga bark, and she fell into the water.
  2. Listen, daughter. Take your sister to the forest. Cut branches from the trees to make a place for a bride."
  3. "Jahiti!" she called out. "Come down from the tree, you lazy girl! My mother is calling you!"


B. Who said these sentences, and who were they speaking to?


Jahiti's father returned from travelling far from home. 

Who said each of these sentences, and who were they speaking to?

  1. "Where is my daughter? Where is my dear Jahiti?"
  2. "Eat, husband. Drink, my dear. Jahiti will come. She will soon be here."
  3. "Tell my father to drink and eat. He has lost Jahiti, his daughter sweet."
  4. "I will not drink, I will not eat! I want Jahiti, my daughter sweet."
  5. "Your daughter cannot come home," they told him. "You must forget her."


C. Weak, thin, stronger, fatter


Jahiti's bridegroom wanted to help Jahiti escape from the wicked demon.

Use the words "weak", "thin", "stronger" or "fatter" in these sentences.

  1. "I am growing …… and …… here in the river," said Jahiti. "Bring me some food.
  2. Now Jahiti was growing …… and …… 
  3. “Every day I take her my food. She eats it, and she is growing …… but now I am ….. and ……” 


D. Instructions


Jahiti tells her bridegroom how he can save her.

Fill in the missing instructions.

  1. "…… a bull."
  2. "…… the meat."
  3. "…… a big piece to the river."
  4. "…… it in."


E. What do you think?


Why did the handsome young man at the market choose Jahiti?

Why did the stepmother make her own daughter put on old, dirty clothes the second time she went to the market?

Why did the stepmother tell her husband that Jahiti had run away?

Do you think that Jahiti's bridegroom really loved Jahiti?


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