Exercises for The Unwise Judge

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A. How much did you understand? 


Read sentences 1, 2 and 3 below. Put them in the right order.

  1. The first man became rich.
  2. The first man wanted his half of the donkey.
  3. The two friends needed a donkey to carry heavy things to market.


Now put sentences 4, 5 and 6 in the right order.

  1. The first man’s father died.
  2. The two men bought a donkey together.
  3. The two men went to see the judge.


Now put sentences 7, 8 and 9 in the right order.

  1. The elders said both men were wrong.
  2. The two men became friends again.
  3. The second man lost his donkey.


B. Now put all nine sentences in the right order.


C. Are these sentences right or wrong?


  1. One week the donkey carried a sack of wheat to market. 
  2. The two neighbours were happy with the donkey for a long time. 
  3. The first neighbour wanted to feed the donkey meat to his hungry dogs. 
  4. The rich man wanted to go to a judge to decide about the donkey. 
  5. The rich man decided to knock down his old hut. 
  6. The poor man now had to sleep under a tree. 
  7. The poor man had a good crop of barley. 
  8. The rich man wanted to pay for the crop that was eaten. 
  9. The poor man wanted to cut open the rich man’s sons. 
  10. The rich man gave the poor man all his animals and fields.   


D. What were they feeling?


  1. The two neighbours bought a donkey together. They were feeling ……
  2. The first man’s dogs were feeling ……
  3. The first man did not want to give money for his half of the donkey. He was feeling ……
  4. The poor man had lost his hut and his donkey. He was feeling ……
  5. The rich man was feeling …… that his sons would be cut open and die.
  6. At the end of the story the two men were feeling ……


E. Where? What?  When? How?


  1. How did the two neighbours take their goods to market before they had a donkey?
  2. Where was the market? 
  3. What did the first man take when his father died? 
  4. What did the second man want for his share of the donkey?  
  5. When did the rich man decide to build a hut? 
  6. When did the rich man’s sons go to the poor man’s fields? 
  7. How long did the elders take to make a decision? 
  8. How much did the rich man give the poor man? 


F. What do you think?


Remember, there is not just one correct answer. What do you think?


Which person did you like in the story?

The first neighbour became rich. How did this change his friendship with his neighbour?

How was the judge unwise?

Can you think of another title for the story?


Check the answers