Exercises for The Father's Shield

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A. How much did you understand?


In the first part of the story, the father tells his son about the shield. He gives them a test to find out which brother is the kindest.

Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. "I want you all to go away from home."
  2. "My shield belonged to my father, and to his father, and to his father."
  3. This enemy was a merchant. 
  4. "Will you give it to me, Father?" the oldest brother asked.


In the second part of the story, the brothers return and tell their father what they have done.

Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. "I sat beside the road and kept his bag of silver dollars for him."
  2. "He has cheated you and stolen your money for many years."
  3. Their father lay in his bed, under his shield, and waited.
  4. "The shield of my fathers is yours."


B. Which brother?


The old man gave his property to his sons. Which brother (the oldest brother or the second brother or the youngest brother) received which thing? 

the inset plantation

the cattle

the fields


The brothers saw different things on their journeys. Which brother saw these things?

mountains and deep gorges

forests, lions and leopards

the sea and great rivers


The brothers helped different people. Which brother helped which person?

a rich man with a bag of silver dollars

the family's enemy

a mother with her little child


C. What do you think?


Do you think that the old man gave the shield to the right son?

Why was the youngest son kinder than his brothers?

Was the youngest son right to save the life of the family's enemy?

Imagine that you are the youngest son. Would you do the same thing? Would you save your family's enemy?


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