Exercises for The Girl from the Sea

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A. How much did you understand?


In the first part of this story, the poor boy is kind to a dog and a cat, and he saves a girl from a hyena. 

Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. He picked up some stones and threw them at the hyena.
  2. One day, he saw a man beating a dog.
  3. "This cat's a thief," the woman answered. "She ate my chicken."
  4. A few weeks later, the boy was coming home from market.


In the second part of the story, the demon's daughter takes the boy under the sea, and the demon gives him Atli, his ring. 

Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. The boy wanted to say, "Yes, thank God," but he didn't.
  2. She took the boy down to the seaside, and threw him into the water.
  3. "Do you want to travel? Ask Atli, and it will take you on your journey."
  4. "Did you really save my daughter?" he asked.


In the third part of the story, the boy goes home. He passes the king's test, and marries the king's daughter. 

Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. The servants brought the boy's mother to the king.
  2. At once, there was a beautiful meal on the table, with enough food for the boy, his mother, the dog and the cat.
  3. The king was very happy with the boy.
  4. "Now take me to the palace," said the boy.


In the fourth part of the story, the boy's wife gives Atli, the ring, to a beggar who comes to their house. 

Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. The beggar saw the ring on her finger.
  2. The boy and his wife had no more food and no more gold from Atli.
  3. "I'm hungry! Give me food!" he cried.
  4. On their wedding day, the boy gave Atli, the gold ring, to his wife.


B. Commands


In this story, there are many commands, when one person tells another person what they must do. Who is giving these commands?

  1. "Don't beat the dog."
  2. "Save me!"
  3. "Don't talk about God at all."
  4. "Bring her to me."
  5. "Forget the king's daughter."
  6. "Atli, bring me gold!"
  7. "Look after this ring."
  8. "Give me food!"


C. What were they feeling?


Fill the gaps in these sentences with words from the list below to show what the characters in the story were feeling.

  1. "Please stop," he said. "Don't beat the dog." The man was ……
  2. The boy was …… for the dog.
  3. The boy was …… but he didn't run away.
  4. His mother was …… "But we are from a poor family," she said.
  5. The king was very …… with the boy.
  6. "I'm …… ! Give me food!" he cried.


worried, hungry, happy, angry, sorry, frightened


D. What do you think?


There are many stories in the world about people who live under the sea. Why do we like these stories so much?

Who do you think the beggar at the end of the story really was?

The boy, his mother and the king's daughter were happy because they had gold and plenty of food. Do you think that money makes people happy? 


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