Exercises for The Monkey's Heart

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A. How much did you understand?


Are these sentences true or false?

  1. The crocodile and his wife lived on a small island in the middle of a river.
  2. "Monkey," said the crocodile, "please give me a piece of your fruit."
  3. "Mm," said the crocodile. "This is delicious."
  4. "That clever monkey gave it to me," said the crocodile's wife.
  5. They were smiling at her, and their teeth were long and sharp.
  6. "I can cross the river," said the monkey. "I can swim."
  7. The crocodile's wife went out to cook the lunch. The monkey followed her.
  8. "We're not hungry. We don't want to eat your meat. We only want to eat your heart."
  9. "If you want my heart, you must take me home first."
  10. She jumped off the crocodile and ran into her house.


B. Where, what?


Answer these questions.

  1. Where did the monkey live?
  2. What did she throw to the crocodile?
  3. The crocodile and his wife went to see the monkey. Where was she?
  4. When the crocodiles smiled, the monkey saw something. What was it?
  5. What did the crocodile's wife cook for the monkey?
  6. What did the crocodiles want to eat?
  7. Where did the monkey say that she kept her heart?
  8. Where did the monkey go when the crocodile took her back to her island?


C. Old beliefs


In the old days, some people believed that a person's intelligence came from the heart. Modern science tells us that intelligence lies in the brain, inside our heads.

Do you know any other old beliefs that are not really true?


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