Exercises for The Wicked Stepmother

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A. How much did you understand?


The characters in the story had some big problems. They had to find answers to their problems.

What did they do?

Work with a friend. Tell each other your answers.


  1. The children's father thought, "I can't cook for my children and fetch water from the river. I need a wife and my children need a mother." 
    What did he do? 
  2. The man's new wife refused to feed his children. 
    What did the children's father do? 
  3. The children's stepmother wanted to hurt the children. 
    What did she do? 
  4. The girls' father wanted to lose his children. 
    What did he do? 
  5. A hyena came and frightened the children. 
    What did they do? 
  6. The children saw a house. A wizard came out of it. 
    What did the children do? 
  7. The wizard caught the little sister. He put her in a sack and tied the sack to the rafters. 
    What did the sisters do? 


B Into, up, in, from, to, under, between


Choose the right words from the list below to fill the gaps in these sentences. You will need to use some words more than once.

  1. The man couldn't fetch water …… the river.
  2. The children hid …… the grain store.
  3. The children's stepmother brought food …… the grain store.
  4. The woman threw hot water …… the grain store.
  5. The water fell …… the chick-peas.
  6. The man took his daughters …… the forest.
  7. The girls lay down …… a tree.
  8. Their father lay down …… them.
  9. The children went …… the edge of the forest.
  10. The children pulled the sack …… to the rafters.


into, up, in, to, on, from, under, between


C  What were they feeling?


If you can't answer these questions, read the story again.

  1. When the man, his wife and their children were together, they were feeling ……
  2. When the children's mother died, they were feeling ……
  3. When the stepmother found the children in the grain store, she was feeling ……
  4. When the children had no food, they were feeling ……
  5. When the children saw the wizard, they were feeling ……
  6. When the children began to live in the wizard's house, they were feeling ……


D. Work in a group.


Make up the story again, with your own answers to the characters' problems.

  • Imagine that you are the children's father. How will you keep your wife and your children?
  • Imagine that you are the wife. What will you do with the children?
  • Imagine that you are the children. How will you save yourselves?
  • How will your story end?


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