Exercises for Irit and Nurit Part 2

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A. How much did you understand?


Answer these questions.

  1. When Irit's mother sent her away, who did she meet?
  2. Irit helped the old man. How did she help him?
  3. During the night, two things came into the old man's house. What were they?
  4. When did Irit wake the old man?
  5. What did the old man say to the wind?
  6. What did Irit spit out of her mouth?
  7. Why did Nurit say that she was happy to see Irit?
  8. What did Irit tell Nurit to do with the old man's food?
  9. Did Nurit keep her promise to give Irit some nice food?


B. Where?


Answer these questions. Read the part again if you can't remember the answers.

  1. Where did Irit put the old man's food?
  2. Where did Irit see the black and golden water?
  3. Where did the wind put Irit?
  4. Where did Nurit find the gold?
  5. Where did Nurit's mother tell her to put the gold?
  6. At the end of this part, where did Nurit decide to go?


C. What were they feeling?


Choose the right word from the list below to fill in the gaps in these sentences.  You will have to use one word twice.

  1. When Irit left her family's house, she was feeling very ……
  2. When Irit stayed in the old man's house, she was …..
  3. When Nurit found the gold in the courtyard, she was very ……
  4. Nurit's mother was …… when Nurit talked about Irit.
  5. Irit was …… when Nurit called her "my darling sister".


surprised, angry, happy, sad


D. What do you think?


What does this part tell us about the girls' characters?

What do you think will happen next?


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