Exercises for Irit and Nurit Part 1

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A. How much did you understand?


Answer these questions.

  1. There were two girls in the family in the story. Which girl did the mother love best?
  2. Why did Irit and Nurit go out to the field?
  3. Who did Irit and Nurit meet on the way to the market?
  4. When Irit gave the old man some chat, what did he do?
  5. What did Nurit say that she had in her bundle?
  6. Did the two girls sell their chat in the market?
  7. Why was Nurit angry with the old man?
  8. What did the girls' mother do to Irit?


B. Truth and lies


Read these sentences that the characters in the story say. Who is speaking? Are they telling the truth, or are they telling lies?

  1. "Give me some of your chat. If you do, I will bless you."
  2. "There is no chat in my bundle," she said. "There are only cabbages."
  3. "You will not sell your chat."
  4. "He was a good old man."
  5. "It was Irit's fault."


C. What do you think?


Why does the girls' mother love Nurit more than Irit?

Do you know anyone like Nurit?

What will happen next?


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