Exercises for The Good Prince Part 1

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A. How much did you understand?


Read these sentences from the story. Who is speaking?

  1. "Tell me," he said. "Will I always be blind?"
  2. "Send your son to the sea."
  3. "I can't help your father."
  4. "Then I will let you go."
  5. "Did you find the whale?"
  6. "The whale is the King of the Seas. He is too strong for me."
  7. "The prince, your son, did not tell you the truth."
  8. "Find him, and kill him!"
  9. "Come with us. We will take you far away from the palace."
  10. "I must travel through the world alone."


B. Describe the characters


Choose the right words from the list below to describe these characters from the story.

Hint: there are two words for each character.

the king

the prince

the whale

the soldiers


strong, brave, very big, greedy, blind, sorry, angry


C. What do you think?


Was the prince right to let the whale go?

Was the king unfair to his son?


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