Exercises for The Holy Man and the Guava

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A. How much did you understand?


These sentences retell the story. Put them in the right order.

  1. The holy man took off his wife's veil and he saw that she was beautiful.
  2. The holy man asked the owner of the orchard to forgive him for eating the guava.
  3. The holy man left the city to look for a quiet place to pray.
  4. The owner of the orchard asked the holy man to marry his blind daughter.
  5. The holy man ate a guava that had come out of an orchard.
  6. The owner of the orchard was very happy with his son-in-law.
  7. The owner of the orchard did not let the holy man see his daughter.


B. Where?


Choose the right answer to these questions from the list below.

  1. When the holy man lived in the city, where did he usually go to pray?
  2. Where did the holy man find the guava?
  3. Where was the orchard?
  4. Where was the owner of the orchard's big house when the holy man first met him?
  5. Where did the owner of the orchard's daughter never walk?


  1. In bad places
  2. Behind a high wall
  3. To the mosque
  4. Coming out of the house in the middle of the orchard
  5. In the stream outside the orchard


C. What do you think?


The holy man thought that the owner of the orchard's daughter was blind and lame. Was he foolish to agree to marry her?

Was the holy man really stealing when he took the guava out of the stream?


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