Answers to the Exercises for The Father's Plan

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A. How much did you understand?


  1. 1/e Obang was happy to see his friend because he wanted his friend to help him.
  2. 2/g Obang was worried about his family because his son went out every day with his friends and did not work.
  3. 3/b Obang's wives and children were crying because the old man’s huts and his foodstore were burning.
  4. 4/f Obang's son ran towards the crowd because he heard the noise.
  5. 5/c Obang's son said goodbye to his friends because he needed to start work.
  6. 6/a Obang's wives and children were happy because Obang's son had worked hard, built huts, and filled the stores with food.
  7. 7/d Obang's friend smiled because he saw that Obang's plan had been a good one.


B. Who, whose, what, when?


  1. When Obang lay in his hut alone, who was outside?
    His wives and his children
  2. Whose voice did Obang hear?
    His son's
  3. What did Obang ask his friend to burn?
    His huts, his foodstore and everything
  4. After Obang died, people smelled something. What did they smell?
  5. What was burning?
    Obang's huts, his foodstore, his clothes and his tools
  6. When did Obang’s son start work every morning?