Exercises for The Clever Fox

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A. How much did you understand?


In the first part of the story, the animals say what makes them angry.

Fill the gaps in the sentences.

  1. The …… doesn't like to be woken when he is sleeping.
  2. The …… doesn't like being kicked in the stomach. 
  3. The …… doesn't like someone frowning or shouting at him.
  4. The …… doesn't like someone speaking in his ear when he runs.
  5. The …… doesn't like someone treading on his tail.
  6. The …… doesn't like people being unfair to him.


In the second part of the story, the animals kill camels and begin to eat, but they push the fox out of the way.

Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. The hyena frowned at the leopard.
  2. The fox chased the warthog and talked in his ear.
  3. The lion put his foot on the snake.
  4. The leopard hit the hyena.
  5. The fox kicked the hyena.
  6. The hyena jumped on the lion and woke him.


B. Action words


There are many words about violent actions in this story. Here are some of them: kick, bite, hit, kill, chase, shout

Read these sentences, and fill the gaps using the words in the list above.

  1. If you run away, I will ……you.
  2. When snakes ……, their poison kills.
  3. If you …… a pot hard, it will break.
  4. Please don't …… at me. It makes my ears hurt.
  5. If you …… a stone, you will hurt your foot.
  6. When men fight with knives, they can easily …… each other.


C. What do you think?


The other animals were greedy and pushed the fox away from the meal. Was he right to punish them?

Did he punish them too much?

What is the best way of keeping powerful people under control?


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