Exercises for The Ox and the Donkey

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A. How much did you understand?


Sentences 1, 2 and 3 are what the ox said to the donkey. Match them with the donkey's replies a, b and c.

  1. "I'm so tired. I worked hard all day.”
  2. "I had a bad day today. My master's field is far away, and it was full of stones.”
  3. "Today was a very bad day for me."


  1. "You worked hard? I'm sure I worked harder than you."
  2. "You're always tired. Every day is a bad day for you." 
  3. "Do you think your plough is heavy? Believe me, my friend, it is light!"


B. Put these sentences in the right order


The donkey had some good ideas.

Put the donkey’s ideas in the right order.

  1. “Close your eyes, and say, ‘Moo! Moo!’”
  2. “The farmer will think that you are ill.”
  3. “Lie down on the ground.”


The next morning the farmer found his ox lying on the ground. He said three things. 

Put them in the right order.

  1. "Go on! Faster! Pull!" 
  2. “Why there is my donkey! He can pull the plough today."
  3. "But I must plough my field. Who will help me?”


In the evening, the ox talked to the donkey about his day of rest. He said three things. 

Put them in the right order?

  1. “I rested under a big tree.”
  2. “I had a lovely day today.”
  3. “I ate some grass, and I drank some water.”


C. Who is speaking?


Who said these sentences?

  1. "He can pull the plough today."
  2. "I don't want to do it again tomorrow."
  3. “My friend, you must be careful."
  4. “I feel quite better now. I'm not tired at all!" 


D. What do you think?


Do you think that the work was too hard for the ox?

Do you think that the ox was lazy?  

Do you think that the donkey worked hard?   

Why didn’t the donkey want to listen to the ox any more?

Why did the farmer begin to hit the donkey with his whip?

Why did the ox say he was not tired at all?

Do you think there was another reason why the ox wanted to rest?


E. Retell the story to a friend


In this story there is the farmer, the ox and the donkey. Choose one of them. Now tell the story as the farmer, the ox or the donkey. Tell the story again to your friend or classmate.

You can start the story like this.


I am the donkey or I am the ox or I am the farmer.

On the first day, I  …...

On the second day, I …...

On the third day, I ......


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