Answers to the Exercises for Deya Ali and the Thieves

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A. How much did you understand in Part One of the story?


  1. "Let's go to the river and bathe."
    Deya Ali is talking to the barley chaff.
  2. "They are very hot and thirsty. They need a drink. Can you help them?"
    Deya Ali is talking to the coffee husks.
  3. "You are tired. Sit on that stone and rest."
    Deya Ali is talking to the butter.
  4. "Uncle, you are tired. Come and rest."
    Deya Ali is talking to the lion.
  5. "You stay and look after the cattle. I'll look for some food."
    Deya Ali is talking to the vulture.
  6. "Look, over there, near the river. I can see some men. They have some nice, fat cows. Why don't you kill one of them for us?"
    Deya Ali is talking to the hyena.
  7. "There are your uncles. Why don't you go and greet them?"
    Deya Ali is talking to the forked stick.


  1. The hyena was frightened. What did he do?
    He ran and ran, over the hills and far away.
  2. Deya Ali told the vulture to open her mouth. What did she put in it?
    A stone
  3. What did the farmers do to the forked stick?
    They broke him into two pieces and tied him to the fence.
  4. What did the people do with the coffee husks?
    They boiled some water and roasted the coffee husks and put them in the water.
  5. What happened when the butter sat on the stone?
    She melted and ran down, into the ground.
  6. What happened when the barley chaff went to bathe?
    The chaff tried to swim, but the water carried him away, one little piece after another.
  7. What happened when the lion sat on the cowskin?
    The lion fell into the hole and the fire burned him.


How much did you understand in Part Two of the story?


True or false?


  1. The first night, when the thieves came, Deya Ali's uncle, brother, mother and sisters came to help her.
    False. No one came to help Deya Ali. She only pretended to call to her uncle, brother, mother and sisters.
  2. The thieves went away because they thought that they heard many voices.
  3. On the second night, the thieves went away because Omer, Idris and Ahmed were bringing their horses.
    False. There was no one called Omer, Idris and Ahmed, and there were no horses.
  4. Nobody was with Deya Ali. She was alone.
  5. Deya Ali was sad because she had driven all her friends away and there was no one to help her.


B. Where were they?


  1. When Deya Ali was with the hyena, they saw some men with their cows. Where were the men?
    Near the river
  2. Where did the vulture go, when she flew up into the sky?
    She went over the hills and far away.
  3. Where did the farmers put the forked stick?
    They tied him to the fence. 
  4. Where were Deya Ali and the coffee husks, when the travellers passed them?
    On the road
  5. Where did the butter go, when she melted off the stone?
    She ran down, into the ground.
  6. Where did Deya Ali go with the barley chaff in the evening.
    They went to the river.
  7. Where did Deya Ali sit, when she sang her happy song?
    Outside her hut
  8. Where were the thieves hiding?
    In the bushes