Answers to the Exercises for The Merchant and the King

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A. How much did you understand?


  1. Every year, a merchant left home and travelled through the whole land of Ethiopia.
  2. The merchant saw a man in a field, who was pulling a plough.
  3. The farmer was beating the man with a stick.
  4. When the merchant returned to Sidama, he remembered the man tied to the plough.
  5. The merchant stood inside the gate of the palace and waited.
  6. The merchant and the king ate and drank together, and talked for a long time.
  7. The merchant went to the old king's grave, and he read the words on the gravestone.
  8. The merchant met a boy, who said to him, "This town is growing bigger."
  9. There were words over the door of the building. They said, "Everything changes."


B. Who is talking?


  1. "You lazy man! Pull my plough!"
    The farmer
  2. "Don't cry for me, my friend.”
    The poor man
  3. "You are a man, not an animal."
    The merchant
  4. "God looked down from Heaven and was sorry for him."
    The woman
  5. "Who is that man? Bring him to me."
    The king
  6. "Now I am here again, I asked for news of you."
    The merchant
  7. "Come and sit beside me, my friend."
    The king
  8. "This is our new king."
    A man
  9. "Where is the old king's grave?"
    The merchant
  10. "We have new town plan now."
    A boy