Answers to the Exercises for The Lazy Family

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A. How much did you understand?


  1. The farmer was very lazy, so his sons did all the work on the farm.
    False. The sons were lazy too.
  2. The farmer's wife said to the neighbours, "Yesterday, the birds came and ate all my sorghum."
    False. The farmer said those words.
  3. The farmer said to his brothers, "Wild animals came to my field and ate all my inset."
  4. The farmer's wife was angry when her husband brought the inset home.
  5. God sent a miracle, and put inset in the field.
    False. The farmer's wife put the inset in the field.
  6. The next day, the farmer buried more inset.
    False. The farmer's wife buried the inset.
  7. After several days, the farmer and his sons had dug the whole field.
  8. The farmer and his sons learned to like digging.
  9. The farmer's wife planted seeds, and her sons learned to pull out the weeds.
    False. The farmer and his sons planted the seeds.
  10. The farmer's sons felt proud of their good work.


B. Make complete sentences


Match the beginnings of these sentences from the story with endings from the list below.

  1. 1/f Yesterday, the birds came and ate all my sorghum.
  2. 2/d Wild animals came to my field and ate all my inset.
  3. 3/b She dug the inset out of the hole, and showed it to them.
  4. 4/c She took some of the inset, and wrapped it in leaves.
  5. 5/e The next day, the woman dug another hole in the field, and buried more inset.
  6. 6/g They dug, and dug. After a long time, they found the inset.
  7. 7/a The next day, she buried more inset, and her husband and sons dug half the field.