The answers to the exercises for The Wicked Stepmother

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A How much did you understand?


  1. He began to look for a wife, and soon he found one.
  2. He went home and said to his children, “Tomorrow I’m getting married again, but my new wife doesn’t like children. Hide in the grain store."  
  3. She ran to the fire and picked up a pot of very hot water. She threw it into the grain store. 
  4. He took them with him into the forest and left them there.
  5. The two girls pulled pieces of leather from their clothes and threw them to the hyena.
  6. The two children watched and waited. When the wizard went out, the older sister went into the house and took some food.
  7. The big sister cut the rope and pulled the sack down from the rafters. Then the two girls filled the sack with rocks and pulled it up to the rafters again. 


B Into, up, in, from, to, under, between


  1. The man couldn't fetch water from the river.
  2. The children hid in the grain store.
  3. The children's stepmother brought food to the grain store.
  4. The woman threw hot water into the grain store.
  5. The water fell on the chick-peas.
  6. The man took his daughters into the forest.
  7. The girls lay down under a tree.
  8. Their father lay down between them.
  9. The children went to the edge of the forest.
  10. The children pulled the sack up to the rafters.


C  What were they feeling?


  1. When the man, his wife and their children were together, they were feeling happy/very happy. 
  2. When the children's mother died, they were feeling sad/very sad.
  3. When the stepmother found the children in the grain store, she was feeling angry/very angry.
  4. When the children had no food, they were feeling hungry.
  5. When the children saw the wizard, they were feeling frightened.
  6. When the children began to live in the wizard's house, they were feeling happy/very happy.