Answers to the Exercises for The Rat King's Son

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A. How much did you understand?


  1. “And I'm the most wonderful king in the world,” said the Rat King.
  2. “And my son must marry the best girl in the world,” said the Rat King. 
  3. “There is one person who is greater than us,” said one of the elders. 
  4. “You’re right. Our Creator is even greater than us,” said the Rat King. 
  5. “Is your prince really the most wonderful animal in the world? Then he’s too good for my daughter,” said the Creator.
  6. “The fog is greater than me. He comes into the sky and covers me,” said the Creator.
  7. “The wind is greater than me. He blows me away,” said the fog.
  8. “The mountain is greater than me. I push against him and blow on him, but he never moves,” said the wind.
  9. “The bushrat is greater than me. He makes holes inside me and I can’t stop him," said the mountain. 
  10. “And the bushrat is my cousin. His daughter will be a very good wife for my son,” said the Rat King.


B. Speech marks


  1. "We must find a wife for my son," the Rat King said to his elders.
  2. "Our Creator is greater than us," one of the elders said.
  3. "Sir," said the elders. "Our prince is the greatest animal in the world."
  4. "Stop!" said the fog. "He’s too good for my daughter."
  5. "Great wind," said the elders. "We come from the Rat King."