Answers to the Exercises for The Cats and the Mice

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A. How much did you understand?


  1. The old mice said, "The cats are eating us."
    He was telling the truth.
  2. The cats said to the mice, "We want a wife for one of our sons."
    They were telling a lie.
  3. "We're very honest and sincere," said the cats.
    They were telling a lie.
  4. "If they’re nice to us, we'll be nice to them," said the mice.
    They were telling the truth.
  5. "We've learned our lesson," the old mouse said.
    He was telling the truth.


B. What were they feeling?


  1. When the cats and the mice were friends, they were feeling happy.
  2. When the old mouse heard that some of the mice’s relatives were gone he was feeling sad.
  3. When the mice heard the bad news, they were feeling frightened.
  4. When the mice stayed inside their holes, the cats were feeling worried.
  5. When the cats asked for one of the mice's daughters, the mice were feeling surprised.
  6. When the mice agreed to the marriage, the cats were feeling happy.
  7. When the wedding day came, the mice were still feeling worried.