Answers to the Exercises for The Man from the River

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A. How much did you understand?


  1. Two girls were fishing, and they began to fight.
  2. A man was hiding behind a rock.
    False. He was hiding behind a tree.
  3. The man judged their quarrel.
  4. A week later, the girls went fishing again.
    False. They went fishing the next day.
  5. The girls didn't catch another fish.
    False. The girls did catch another fish.
  6. Everyone from the village went to find the stranger.
  7. They pulled him out of a hole beside the river.
    False. They pulled the man out of a tree.
  8. The man turned into a red bull.
    False. The man turned into a black bull, and then a white bull.
  9. Then he turned into a beautiful woman.
  10. When they reached the village, he turned into a man again.
  11. The chief's daughter brought him a basket of food.
    False. The chief's daughter brought him a gourd of water.
  12. She took him into her hut.
  13. Nine months later, the chief's daughter had a son.
  14. They called the baby Ony-ya, which means 'the son of the chief'.
    False. Ony-ya means "the one who comes from the river".
  15. He became king of the Anuak people. 


B. Where were they?

  1. Achala and Ajulo wanted to catch some fish. Where did they go?
    They went to the river.
  2. Where was the tree where the man was hiding?
    Near the river.
  3. When Ajulo dropped the fish, where did it go?
    Into the river.
  4. Where did the girls go after they left the river?
    They went back to the village/they went home.
  5. Where did the girls go the next day?
    They went back to the river.
  6. Where did everyone go the day after that?
    Everyone went to the river.
  7. Where was the stranger when he changed into a black bull?
    On the way back to the village.
  8. Where was the stranger when he changed into a man again?
    In the village.
  9. Where did the chief's daughter take the man?
    Into her hut.
  10. Where did the stranger leave the necklace of cowries?
    Under her cowskin.


C. The best reason


We think that the best reason is 2: 

The story is about the ancestor of the Anuak kings.